Environment, Customer Satisfaction, Job Security and Employee's Health Policy

Management philosophy in Kilikya Palace Göynük is placed on mutual love, respect and trust axis. Hotel management moves by upholding the High Class quality approach and the principle of continuous improvement. Another factor contributing to the quality policy is the provision of guest satisfaction and by the employees is the preferred institution Kilikya’s in the Mediterranean region,

Kilikya Palace Hotel offers service in international standards, branding aims to grow the platform in and outside of Turkey. Its goal is to secure the assets, understanding and assets of employees by improving profitability.

Kilikya Palace Hotel has evolved as a vision to become an important brand in the industry, applying the policy of continuous development and improvement, contributing to the tourist values of the Mediterranean region and supporting the promotion and development of our country.

Kilikya Palace Hotel, with its friendly and hospitable staff, has set itself the task of offering a memorable holiday by offering products and services that meet the wishes, needs and expectations of the guests.

In the direction of this mission, Kilikya Palace Hotel;
  • Total quality approach,
  • Respect for the environment, awareness of pollution prevention,
  • Always consider the optimization of safety, technical, economic and aesthetic expectations,
  • To ensure the common interests of its guests, employees, shareholders and suppliers,
It was our philosophy to protect and preserve the national interests and integrity of our country within the framework of universal values.

Kilikya Palace Hotel under the Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Integrated Management System
  • Presentation of guest satisfaction by meeting customer requirements,
  • Resolve complaints from stakeholders and ensure their engagement,
  • Transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability,
  • In all activities, the relevant legislation, applicable legislation, directives and regulations of the affiliated institutions, compliance with the signed agreements,
  • Giving priority to pollution prevention and raising awareness of environmental issues;
  • The implementation, development and continuous improvement of management systems such as quality, environment, occupational safety and health,
  • The provision of human, technological and financial resources to ensure the continuity of the system,
  • Creating an organization that values education, learns through progression, development and sharing,
  • By promoting a diverse communication, all employees can participate in the development,
  • To be successful, our work team and all the other organizations we work with will to have the greatest impact on health and safety,
  • All the staff involved in our facility are responsible for quality, environmental and safety activities.
Due to the importance of human life, the first priority of Kilikya Palace Hotel commits to workers health and security in the all sectors in which it operates

Food Safety Policy

Kilikya Palace Göynük Within the scope of food safety management system;

  • To offer our guests and employees healthy and safe products
  • To produce in accordance with the law and order legislations
  • To meet the requirements of food safety management systems and to produce under hygienic conditions
  • To control of possible physical, chemical and biological hazards that can occur in all phases up to the guest
  • To ensure our employees obey hygiene and sanitation regulations and receiving the required training
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • To enhance perpetual effective use and continuous improvement of food safety management systems
  • To mutually share the acquired Food Safety experiences with suppliers, institutions and guests in order to ensure continuous improvement of the processes.